I’m going to learn/re-learn 100 songs in 2017

OK… well I’ll try to learn 100 songs in a year. This of course necessitates padding the count with a bunch of “easy” songs.  It doesn’t matter, the point of this “New Year’s Resolution” is to enjoy playing guitar and playing/listening to the songs. A few of them I might nail down, most of them I’ll probably get 85-95% close enough, and some of them I’ll fudge the more difficult parts. The goal is excellence, but I’ll settle for satisfactory! 🙂

So here’s “The Plan“:

  1. Learn/Re-learn 2 new songs a week
  2. Post them on YouTube
  3. Write a blog entry pointing to the video and a short synopsis on what I learned
  4. Maybe add some extra details on tone settings and guitar gear

I am hoping that I will find backing tracks for most of the songs I choose, but if not, I’ll just “fake it” with an acoustic guitar backing.

Having said all of this, my hope is that I will start the year learning mostly easy songs, and as I progress and my guitar chops get better, I will gradually start learning more difficult songs. Of course, “easy” and “difficult” is completely relative. I am referring to my own skill level. What is difficult for me, may be easy for you…and vice versa.

Also, if I “fail” on this resolution, I hope it’s a failure of quantity, not quality. I would rather end up the year with 50 songs that are 95% good vs. meeting the 100 songs goal with most of them played like crap.

Wish me luck!


Shockwave Supernova

So… I was listening to the latest Joe Satriani album – Shockwave Supernova and was enjoying it as I am a big fan. Then this track comes along… “Crazy Joey” – it starts out with a slow blues type of rhythm and what seems like single/double-note riffs from Joe.  But then, out of the blue… BAM!  The most wicked tapping-riff I have heard in a long time! Mind you, I’ve heard countless shred-tastic two-handed tapping runs in my life, but for some reason, this one really floored me not because of it sounding difficult to play (I think it might actually be not that hard) but because of the awesome melodicism of it even when played super-fast.  This is why Joe is the master.