Song #1 of 100: Foo Fighters – My Hero

OK, song number 1 of 100 has been uploaded to YouTube:

Performance Notes:

I chose this as my first song to learn because it seemed easy enough and it didn’t really have a guitar solo for me to fumble around with. Plus it’s a kick-ass song. I flubbed the middle section a little bit, oh well. I didn’t want to do 20 takes to get it right. Like I said, I’ll come 85-95% close enough most of the time… 😀


Production Notes:

I recorded 2 tracks on top of the backing track because there were two distinct guitar parts for the verse. I then panned one guitar to the left and the other to the right. The video and audio seems a little out of sync at first, just a by-product of video editing and utilizing the audio from Mixcraft and mixing in the 2 video files that were just from my webcam.

Equipment Used:

  • Left Channel Guitar: Dean Zelinsky La Voce
  • Right Channel Guitar: Agile AL-3100
  • Amp/Effects: Fractal Audio AX8
  • Recording Software: Mixcraft Studio 7
  • Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 6i6
  • Video Editing Software: Pinnacle Studio 20
  • Camera: Logitech Webcam C910