I’m going to learn/re-learn 100 songs in 2017

OK… well I’ll try to learn 100 songs in a year. This of course necessitates padding the count with a bunch of “easy” songs.  It doesn’t matter, the point of this “New Year’s Resolution” is to enjoy playing guitar and playing/listening to the songs. A few of them I might nail down, most of them I’ll probably get 85-95% close enough, and some of them I’ll fudge the more difficult parts. The goal is excellence, but I’ll settle for satisfactory! 🙂

So here’s “The Plan“:

  1. Learn/Re-learn 2 new songs a week
  2. Post them on YouTube
  3. Write a blog entry pointing to the video and a short synopsis on what I learned
  4. Maybe add some extra details on tone settings and guitar gear

I am hoping that I will find backing tracks for most of the songs I choose, but if not, I’ll just “fake it” with an acoustic guitar backing.

Having said all of this, my hope is that I will start the year learning mostly easy songs, and as I progress and my guitar chops get better, I will gradually start learning more difficult songs. Of course, “easy” and “difficult” is completely relative. I am referring to my own skill level. What is difficult for me, may be easy for you…and vice versa.

Also, if I “fail” on this resolution, I hope it’s a failure of quantity, not quality. I would rather end up the year with 50 songs that are 95% good vs. meeting the 100 songs goal with most of them played like crap.

Wish me luck!